Thursday, October 19, 2006

Open for Comments

Just so everyone is aware: There was a technical glitch that was allowing only some people to post comments to Biofort, and not others. This has now been corrected and--I believe--everyone should be now able and invited to comment to this blog. Thanks!
--Scott Maruna


Anonymous said...

I stayed in the Yelm, Washington area for about five months from January til May of 2004. The area I lived in was full of wildlife with a herd of elk that roamed the field behind my house. I saw coyotes, garter snakes and once I saw a very large brown bird of prey that was neither a vulture or osprey nor red tail hawk. The bird I saw wasn't in the ten foot wing span catagory but it was larger than any of the bald eagles I've seen in my life. Until I read this article, I had always thought I'd seen a golden eagle and was pretty excited because I've never seen one before.

Scott Maruna said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you probably did see a nice big golden eagle. The Washington eagle is not named after the state of Washington, but rather for the first president. They were never known to have existed that far west. They were (are?) native to the Great Lakes area.
Thanks though!